The big Bost

With room for 80 diners, the new The Bost dining room is perfect for larger groups such as traditional family get-togethers, company meals and important moments for groups of friends.

The on-trend innovative design, with laminate iroko wood cladding and carefully chosen relaxing lighting, creates a sensation of harmony in this dining room, with its flowing walls which contrast with a spectacular bar.

These features make The big Bost an ideal space, somewhere we had long wanted to offer our diners, a new concept combining traditional cuisine and a sophisticated bar area where you can have an after-dinner Gin and Tonic to finish off a pleasant evening.

Txoko Bost

With an ambience which is more rustic than the previous space the simple and traditional Bost txiki ofrece la tranquilidad propia de los entornos íntimos, donde impera la cercanía y los detalles cobran un mayor sentido. Tiene una capacidad para 40 personas.

The warm cosy atmosphere, the décor, the lighting and a personalized set menu will make you feel completely at home.

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