We have created for you a simple generous dynamic menu, designed for sharing, based on predominantly natural seasonal products.


Cod salad€15,00

Marinated patridge salad€14,00

Duck salad with slivers of foie gras€16,00

Fresh squids salad€13,00


Iberian ham€18,00

With tomato and Azkoien

Home-made foie gras€16,00

Prawns (12 units)€18,00


Fish soup€12,00 / €48,00*

Seasonal vegetables€12,00 / €48,00*

Chickpeas with lobster€20,00 / €80,00*


Grilled cuttlefish €15,00 / €60,00*

With sliced potatoes

Line-caught hake €16,00 / €64,00*

Baked, in green sauce or in pawn sauce

Baked turbot€15,00 / €60,00*

Cod loin on chickpea cream€17,00 / €68,00*

Roasted hake neck €35,00

In cider vinegar (for 2 people)


Bost-style roast ribs€13,00 / €52,00*

Braised beef cheeks€14,00 / €56,00*

Pork trotters filled with mushrooms€16,00 / €64,00*

Trips and cheeks €15,00 / 60,00*

Duck breast€15,00 / 60,00*

Venison fillet steak in its own juice€17,00 / 68,00*

With chesnut pure

Beef Sirloin steak€18,00

With garnish

Entrecôte with garnishing€/Kilo 45,00

* Bosteko: Bowls of 5 appetizers designed for you to share and taste in good company.


Cristal red peppers with anchovies€13,00

Tuna underside on smoky grilled vegetables€13,00

Salmon tartar €14,00

Beef carpaccio with mustard€15,00

Potatoes garnished with anchovies€11,00

Sautéed octopus with potatoes à la Vera .€18,00

Mussels €15,00

With piquillo or gorgonzola sauce

Red pepper filled with beef stew€3,00€/ud.

Black pudding€12,00
With red peppers
Our home-made croquettes of Iberian ham€6,00 / 6 units

Our home-made croquettes of Idiazabal cheese 12,00 / 6 ud.

With Iberian ham accompaniment


Pantxineta €5,00

(Basque Frangipane-style dessert) with crème pâtissière, ice cream and chocolate

Xabier’s apple tart€5,00
Baked cheesecake€5,00

With "turrón" ice cream

Fried custard €5,00

With white chocolate ice cream

Rice pudding€5,00

With biscuit icen cream

Home-made yoghurt custard with red berries€4,00
Chocolate mousse€5,00

Pineapple carpaccio€5,00
With sweet milk ice cream
Canelons stuffed with orange cream€6,00
Gluten and lactose free
Goxua €5,00

Plums macerated in Armagnac €5,00
Ramonísimo (The Bost ice-cream speciality) €6,00

Walnut biscuit with hot chocolate sauce€5,00
Lemon or green apple sorbet€5,00
Bosteko (Varied desserts)€20,00


menus restaurante the bost vitoria

At The Bost we have set menus to suit you and appetizers for groups of five persons.

The Bost specializes in dishes laid out in bowls for groups to share and taste, generous portions which invite you to sit up to the table, enjoy the good company and savour our first-class meat and fish and "home-made" dishes meant to be eaten with a spoon. We have several different set menus. If you would like further information about these, please get in touch and we will be only too happy to inform you.

We want you to feel as if you were sitting in your dining room at home and for that reason we have designed for you several menus with dishes to share. Get in touch to find out more.

Take away food

comida para llevar the bost

All the dishes on our à la carte menu are on offer to take away. Check out specialities for starters, salads, soups, stews, fish and meat dishes, choose what you prefer and call us and place your order. The just come round here and pick up your order and you can enjoy your personalized menu any time, any place and with anyone.

If you would rather enjoy our light snacks at home, at work or at a friend's, check out the menu and place your order for a take-away.

The spirit here at The Bost is all about the quality of the produce, the professional customer service and the fine selection of wines.



From Rioja Alavesa

Aladro Mc€13,50

(Elciego - Tempranillo)

Gómez de Segura Mc€13,50
(Laguardia - Tempranillo)
Dominio Berzal Mc€14,00
(Baños de Ebro - Tempranillo y Viura)
Luís Alegre Cr€16,00
(Laguardia - Tempranillo, Graciano y Garnacha)
Berarte Ecológico Cr€17,00
(Villabuena - Tempranillo)
Finca San Martín Cr€17,75
(Páganos - Tempranillo)
Izadi Cr€17,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo)
Manuel Quintano Cepas Viejas Gn€18,00
(Labastida - Garnacha)
Dominio Berzal Cr€18,00
(Baños de Ebro - Tempranillo)
D Luís R€18,50
(Lanciego - Tempranillo)
Valserrano Cr€18,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo y Mazuelo)
Luís Cañas Cr€18,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo y Garnacha)
Nueve Nietos Gn€18,50
(Baños de Ebro)
Carravalseca Cr€19,00

(Laguardia - Tempranillo y Graciano)

Lindes de Remelluri Gn€21,50
(Labastida - Tempranillo)
Baigorri Cr€21,50
(Samaniego - Tempranillo, Garnacha y autóctonas)
Finca Ratón Rv€22,50

(Laguardia - Tempranillo)

Selección Ostatu Gn€23,50
(Samaniego - Tempranillo y Graciano)
Solagüen 1786 Gn€23,50
(Labastida - Tempranillo)
Amador García V. Selecc. Cr€24,00
(Baños de Ebro - Tempranillo, Garnacha y Mazuelo)
Rolland & Galarreta Rioja Gn€24,00
(Labastida - Tempranillo)
Julián Madrid Rv€24,50
(Laguardia - Tempranillo y otras)
(Elciego - Tempranillo)
Riscal Rv€25,00
(Elciego - Tempranillo, Graciano y Mazuelo)
Finca La Reñana Rv€25,50

(Laguardia - Tempranillo)

Luís Alegre Parcela Nº 5 Rv€26,00

(Laguardia - Tempranillo)

Valserrano El Ribazo Rv€26,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo)
Izadi El Regalo Gn€26,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo)
Ángeles de Amaren Gn€26,50
(Villabuena - Tempranillo y Graciano)
Finca de Los Locos Gn€28,00
(Baños de Ebro - Tempranillo y Graciano)
Martín Cendoya Rv€30,00

(Laguardia - Tempranillo, Graciano y Mazuelo)


(Laguardia - Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Garnacha y Viura)

Luís Cañas S. de la Familia Rv€30,00
(Villabuena - Tempranillo y autóctonas)
Viñas de Gaín €32,50
(Laguardia - Tempranillo)

From Rioja Alta

Ramón Bilbao Cr€21,50
(Haro - Tempranillo)
Viña Alberdi Cr€22,00

(Haro - Tempranillo)

Marqués de Vargas Rv€26,00
(Logroño - Tempranillo y Mazuelo)
Muga Cr€26,00

(Haro - Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo y Graciano)

Sierra Cantabria Cuveé Gn€26,00
(San Vicente - Tempranillo)

Other regions

Finca Sobreño ecológico€17,50
(Toro - Tinta Fina)
Carmelo Rodero 9 meses€19,50
(Pedrosa de Duero - Tempranillo y C. Sauvignon)
(Bierzo - Mencía)
(R. Duero - Tinta Fina y C. Sauvignon)
(Castilla y León - Prieto Picudo)
(Piñel de Arriba - Tinta Fina, Cabernet y Merlot)
Rolland & Galarreta Ribera Gn€25,00
(Piñel de Arriba - Tinta Fina y Merlot)
Borsao 3 picos€26,50
(Campo de Borja - Garnacha)
Finca Muñoz Cepas Viejas€26,50
(Noblejas, Toledo - Tempranillo)
Dominio de Cair Cr€26,50
(La Aguilera - Tempranillo)
Pago de Cirsus S. de la Familia€28,50
(Ablitas - Tempranillo y Sirah)
Carmelo Rodero Cr€30,00
(Pedrosa de Duero - Tempranillo y C. Sauvignon)
Camins del Priorat€30,00
(Gratallops - Cariñena, Garnacha, C. Sauvignon y Syrah)


Prado Rey€13,75
(D.O. Rueda - Verdejo)
Le petit Loco€14,00
(D.O. Rueda - Verdejo semidulce)
(D.O. Rioja - Viura y Malvasía)
(D.O. Bizkaiko Txakoliña)
Flor de Vetus€17,00
(D.O. Rueda - Verdejo)
(D.O. Arabako Txakoliña - Hondarribi zuri)
José Pariente Verdejo€17,00

(D.O. Rueda - Verdejo)

Lagar de Cervera€18,00
(D.O. Rías Baixas Albariño)
Manuel Quintano€18,00
(D.O. Rioja - Viura y Malvasía)
José Pariente Sauvignon€18,50
(D.O. Rueda - Sauvignon Blanc)
Pago de Cirsus€18,50
(D.O. Navarra Ablitas - Chardonnay)
Txomin Etxaniz€19,00

(D.O. Getariko Txakoliña - Hondarribi zuri)

Amaren FB€22,00
(D.O. Rioja - Viura y Malvasía)
Pazo Señorans€22,00
(D.O. Rías Baixas - Albariño)
(D.O. Valdeorras - Godello)
Luís Alegre Finca La Reñana€23,00
(D.O. Rioja - Viura y Malvasía)
Rolland & Galarreta€23,50
(D.O. Rueda - Verdejo)
Leon Beyer€30,00
(Alsacia - Gewurztraminer)
Donnhof Trocken€30,00

(Alsacia - Gewurztraminer)

Apasionado de Pariente Dulce 50 cl€17,50
(D.O. Rueda - Sauvignon Blanc)
Astobiza Late Harvest 50 cl€17,50

(D.O. Arabako Txakoliña - Honsarribi zuri)


Pagos de Araiz€13,75
(D.O. Navarra - Garnacha)
Luís Alegre €15,00
(D.O. Rioja - Tempranillo y Garnacha)
Llopart Brut Rosé€22,50
(Sant Sadurní d´Anoia - Monastrell, Garnacha y Pinot Noir)
Michel Arnould Brut Rosé €45,00

(Champagne, Verzenay - Grand Cru)


Cava de la casa ¿en Porrón? €16,00
(Sant Sadurní d´Anoia - Xarel-lo, Macabeo y Parellada)
Iradier Brut Nature€22,00
(Rioja - Tempranillo)
Recaredo Terrers32,00
(Sant Sadurní d´Anoia - Xarel-lo, Macabeo y Parellada)
Arnould Extra Brut €45,00
(Champagne - Grand Cru - Pinot Moir)

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